KOKKONEN, J., Requiemit; sov., sekakuoro, urut /Jouko Linjama, Requiem ; Complete works for organ

The music of Joonas Kokkonen (1921-96), one of the most important Finnish composers after Sibelius, radiates warmth and light. His limited output is largely introvert in character but also contains moments of grandeur and rhythmic energy. Kokkonen's Requiem (1980-81), written in memory of his first wife, is both a powerful choral symphony and a tender, moving embodiment of consolation. Originally scored for large orchestra, the Requiem is heard here in a new version for organ intended to bring the work within the reach of smaller forces. This first recording is complemented by the first complete recording of Kokkonen's four works for solo organ. Suvi Väyrynen (sopraano), Joose Vähäsöyrinki (baritoni), Jan Lehtola (urut), Klemetti-instituutin kamarikuoro, joht. Heikki Liimola.